13 Questions to present to your roofer before hiring

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13 Questions to Present to Your Roofer Before Hiring

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You are starting to notice water stains on your ceiling. You’ve spotted missing, loose or cracked shingles. There are birds, squirrels, and who knows what in your attic! The signs are clear,  it’s time to start looking for the right contractor for a new roof.

Finding the ideal roofing contractor is the first step

Our team represents quality workmanship, reliability, and great customer service. We hold our Team to high standards which include:

Whether you’ve decided to install a brand new roof or repair your existing roof, it is no doubt a big job and a big investment. Working with a trustworthy and certified roofer who is trained in roofing materials, safety, and building codes will ensure the job is done correctly. 

If you want to take this on as your own project, then you may want to check out DIY Roofing – However, we strongly recommend working with a professional to ensure the job is done right.

Contractor Checklist


Before making the decision on who to hire for the job, make a list of about two to five contractors. Take the time to meet with them and talk about what each one is offering. 

Searching for roofers online, or getting recommendations both seem like an easy way to get it done, but will not give the information you need to be certain of who is qualified.

13 Questions to present to a Roofing Contractor

You’re taking a big risk basing your decision only off recommendations without knowing the facts about the contractor you choose. To help you out, here are 13 important questions to ask that will narrow down your selection to hire the right person.
  1. Do you have reasonable insurance coverage? Choose a roofer that covers insurance to protect your home from accidental damage. Korrect Roofing holds around $1,000,000 in liability insurance.
  2. Do you offer additional warranty coverage? If there are any problems with the work your contractor has done, they may be able to offer a limited warranty that covers the workmanship. Korrect Roofing Contractors offer a variety of warranty options that cover a lifetime of material and craftsmanship. 
  3. Full details of my warranty? Your roofer should explain your warranty to you and be clear about who to call in the event of a problem. Find out if defective shingles can be replaced at a prorated  or original cost of replacement and if there are additional labor charges. Learn more about the Korrect Roofing Warranty.
  4. Which materials will be used on my roof? Not all roofing products are created equal, so make sure your roofer is working with a name you can trust. Korrect typically uses GAF products on all their roofs. 
  5. Will you provide a final estimate? Your roofing contractor should provide an estimated cost that includes an accurate description of the work to be performed, as well as any work that may need to be subcontracted.
  6. Do you follow all local building codes? Your roofer should know and follow all local building codes.
  7. Could you give me a list of references? Ask for references and select a few to call.
  8. Will you have an inspection before performing work? Not only should your contractor inspect for storm damage, they should thoroughly check the entire roof system, the attic, chimney, decks, soil stacks, and other roof penetrations.
  9. Will you check for quality ventilation? Your roofer should inspect existing attic ventilation and explain the importance of proper ventilation. They should determine if the existing ventilation system is working properly. Poor ventilation can damage your shingles and void the manufacturer’s warranty. Use our ventilation calculator to help you calculate the amount of ventilation needed for a healthy and balanced attic.
  10. Will you install the underlayment? Roofing panels will give a synthetic or felt underlayment as a layer of protection over your roof deck. If you’re looking for enhanced protection against leaks, water and mildew, verify that your contractor uses a synthetic product.
  11. Will you install ice and water barriers? Additional ice and a water barrier between the shingle and wood planks will be needed to prevent ice slamming, wind rain or water capture. 
  12. Are you following the manufacturer’s specifications? Your roofer must know and follow all manufacturer’s specifications, as incorrect application can affect the warranty. 
  13. Will you explain how my roofing system works? Your roofer should go in detail on the entire roofing system and how all the parts work, so you can make an informed decision. 

Make sure you get the information you need to hire the right roofing contractor for your roof repair or replacement project.

If you have questions about any aspect of your roof replacement, please reach out to Korrect Roofing and we’ll be happy to guide you through it. Please use the live chat feature in the lower right of our website to start a chat. (817) 888-8827

Noe Guevara
Noe Guevara
I recently purchased a home with pier beam foundation issues. They were quick to give me an estimate. I am also very pleased with the work completed.
Gloria Hill
Gloria Hill
They did a great job on roofing my home. The entire Management Team and crew were professional, knowledgeable and courteous and had a general concern for my satisfaction that far exceeded my expectations. The quality of work was very impressive. Thank you again.
Abe Eubank
Abe Eubank
Steve was very professional and look forward to finally getting the roof I have always wanted. I recommend contacting Korrect general contracting if you want to improve your home for a great price!
Terrance Hood
Terrance Hood
Danny was great!
Jeff H
Jeff H
Danny B and Korrect for a great job getting my property sorted out. Thanks for the good work
Sara Franklin
Sara Franklin
Korrect is the best roofing company in DFW. Steve is very professional with great communication!
Lizzie Franklin
Lizzie Franklin
Korrect is a wonderful company! Steve is efficient, professional, and great with communication!
Breanne Strobel
Breanne Strobel
Steve's communication was 10/10! He was available for any questions that we had.
Keith Wilcke
Keith Wilcke
If Danny Beams from Korrect writes your bid, you can guarantee prompt, attentive, tireless service. I have worked and cycled with him on two continents for nearly 20 years and have never been disappointed...
Charlie Byrd
Charlie Byrd
Best roofing company in the Metroplex. Korrect worked with my insurance company to get a larger adjustment and make sure all the hail damage to my roof, gutters, and windows was repaired properly. All I had to pay was my deductible.

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