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The purpose of a roof inspection is to identify any existing or potential damage. It can be done on an annual basis or whenever there is cause for concern. Having your roof inspected is a preventative measure that will help you save money in the long run by catching problems before they get out of hand. Let’s look at the different roof inspections you can get and how much they might cost.


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Our typical  roof inspection only takes about 30-45 minutes (approx.)The time required to complete a thorough inspection depends on a few factors.

  • Size of your roof
  • The number of stories.
  • The country’s geographical region, and
  • The type of roof present.
  • Why the inspection was called for

On average, a  professional roof inspection could cost anywhere from $150 to $400 depending on who you talk to and the level of service they provide.

What Is Included In A Roof Inspection

The following things are included in a typical roof inspection from Korect Roofing::

  • Inspect the entire surface of the roof
  • Check flashing and seals
  • Examine gutters and downspouts
  • Evaluate roof structure integrity
  • Check for missing or damaged shingles
  • Examine ventilation and insulation.
  • Shingle condition and alignment
  • Structural integrity and support
  • Landscape touching or penetrating roof
  • Gutters and downspouts
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Learn More About the Roof Inspection Process

There are three common types of roof inspections: physical, drone, and infrared.  

#1: A Physical Roof Inspection

The Korrect inspector will climb up on the roof and look closely at everything. 

  • Examining the roof structure
  • Inspecting the roof covering
  • Inspecting the flashings
  • Checking the drainage systems, and
  • Inspecting the roof penetrations

During this inspection, Korrect will check for signs of wear and tear, damage, and other issues on any part of the roof that may cause problems in the future. We will also check for signs of corrosion, deterioration, and other potential problems. This is one of the best types of inspections. 

Pros & Cons Of Physical Roof Inspections


  • A thorough inspection of roof condition
  • Identify problems early
  • Professional evaluation
  • Finding potential problems before they become major issues
  • It can help prolong the life of the roof


  • It can be time-consuming, costly, and labor-demanding.
  • Requires specialized equipment or training
  • It can be difficult to access certain areas of the roof

#2: Drone Roof Inspection

Another one of the most modern types of a roof inspections is done with a drone. Drone inspections allow inspectors to see all areas of the roof without ever getting on a ladder. It gives you an overview that no other method can provide. The view from above also makes it easier to spot problems, which cuts down on the time it takes to do an inspection.

A drone roof inspection is recommended if the roof is too high or dangerous to access by ladder.

Drone inspections Costs on average: $150 to $400  Korrect provides these at no charge.

Pros & Cons of Drone Roof Inspections


  • Time-efficient and cost-effective
  • Non-invasive and safe
  • Able to access hard-to-reach areas
  • No need for scaffolding or ladders
  • Safe, efficient inspections


  • Limited by weather conditions
  • Not available near airports or other government facilities
  • Potential privacy concerns
  • Limited ability to complete detailed inspections
  • It may not capture all the necessary details

3: Infrared Inspection Of A Roof:

This is a type of in-depth inspection using an infrared camera. Before doing an infrared inspection, the professional roof inspector will do a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the roof. Although some damage is easy to see with the naked eye, only a professional will know how to inspect your roof accurately. 

Pros & Cons of Infrared Roof Inspections:


  • Identifies moisture and leaks
  • Detects insulation problems
  • Safe for occupants and building structure
  • Identifies hidden problems
  • Provides detailed thermal imaging report


  • More expensive than other inspection methods
  • May not detect all issues
  • Not suitable for certain roof types
  • It may require multiple inspections for thorough coverage
How Often Do You Need A Roof Inspection?

roof inspection is not a generic assessment. The inspection depends on multiple factors, including the age and condition of the roof. Experts recommend getting a roof inspection at least once a year and after any major weather event such as hail, wind, or snow storms. 


As a homeowner, you must familiarize yourself with the various types of roof inspections and what they involve. By having your roof inspected at least once a year, you can keep your home in good shape and catch any problems before they get worse and require expensive repairs. Keep these inspections in mind, as they are important to keeping your home in the best shape possible.


How to Avoid Roofing Insurance Fraud

Have your roof inspected twice a year.

Many times, in an insurance claim situation, the insurers deny claims or only agree to pay a portion. The property owner lacks the resources to prove to the insurance company that the damage is affecting the functionality and performance of the roofing system. It can be frustrating and confusing trying to get results. Your Not Alone! Let Korrect Help Guide You Through the Process.

Insurance claim specialists

A new approach to insurance
Roofing Claims

At Korrect Roofing,  we’ve created a new approach to insurance claims that will help you get the full coverage that you are entitled to in order to make repairs. We’ve put together a highly experienced team of specialists in working with insurance companies in claim situations. 

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